Why You Should Provide Google Suite

Why You Should Provide Google Suite (Google Workspace) Training to Your Employees

As a training solutions company, we at LR Training Solutions, use different SaaS tools to improve the productivity of our team. And if there is one thing we can’t live without, it’s Google Workspace or formerly known as Google Suite. 

Whether you manage a small or large company, G Suite gives your team access to some of the most adaptable and useful apps. It offers some of the best tools for collaboration, communication, organization, productivity, and security. Simply put, it includes everything you need to manage and run your business seamlessly. 

Now, if you still don’t use Google Workspace or you feel you’re not making the most out of it, we’re here to help! While you can find thousands of resources or guides online, we take learning to the next level. We provide Google Suite training to help your team stay connected. You can find more details here. 

Our G Suite training speaker / expert also shares some of the top reasons why Google Workspace will benefit your business like no other. 

Offers cost-effective solutions

If budget is your number one consideration when it comes to finding the best collaboration tool, you don’t need to worry about it with Google Workspace. 

Google Workspace can help your business save money in a variety of ways. You no longer need to purchase and maintain business hardware and servers. Google will handle all security procedures and inspections. 

With the use of collaboration tools, you can reduce travel and even office space. It is simple to scale both up and down. Instead of purchasing more software or storage, you simply pay for an additional Google Workspace account. You only pay for the edition you would want. 

Employs industry-leading security protocols

Your information is safely kept at Google Workspace in data centers with specialized servers for increased security and performance. You won’t have to worry about losing data even if your server breaks unexpectedly because everything is safely stored on the cloud.


When you have a remote team and everyone is viewing the data from different locations, this is helpful. A devoted group of security experts who work for Google Workspace stand by and safeguard your data.

Notice the strong, and layers of encryption and verification you encounter when logging in from multiple devices? Google does this to protect every piece of data you share on the platform. To make sure that all devices connected to your network are validated, you often see a two-step verification process, right?

As Google does not scan, gather, or utilize your organization’s data for any purposes, including advertising, there’s nothing to worry about privacy.

Improves team collaboration

Your team members can work together in real-time on the same document using Google Workspace. On Docs, Sheets, and Slides, your team members will be able to collaborate, work simultaneously, and make necessary adjustments by commenting and editing.

You may control who can view, update, or share the document by setting access rules for the users. As your team members edit the document, you can view it live and keep track of the changes made. You can access previous iterations of a document at any time because Google Workspace is cloud-based and keeps track of all modifications made.

You and your team can communicate and share ideas using the built-in chat system as well.

Guarantees 24/7 support

Google Workspace service providers will give you phone, email, and live chat support around the clock. You may be sure that you will receive prompt assistance in resolving unforeseen challenges and issues if you are new to these tools.

The support part is only accessible to G Suite admins, and year-round phone help is offered in English. Simply call a number whenever you have an issue, and someone will be there to offer you a solution.

Provides unbeatable accessibility

Since every Google Workspace app is web-based, it can be used on any device that has a web browser. Program installation is not necessary, and software upgrades won’t interfere with your work. For all of its core services, Google also provides fantastic iOS and Android apps, allowing you to work while on the road if necessary.

You can also do tasks and access data without an internet connection thanks to Google Workspace’s offline functionality. G Filestream can sync your most recent G Drive material to your smartphone if you’d want to have a copy of your files hosted locally for peace of mind or offline working. Google makes sure you always work with the most recent files and don’t have to waste time transferring or duplicating assets by doing this.

What Sets Google Workspace Apart from Free Google Apps

Consumers, companies, organizations, and enterprises can utilize Google Workspace as an integrated suite of applications. Consider it as being comparable to Microsoft 365.

Users of all tiers can access and utilize Gmail’s apps on their own but doing so from within Workspace provides a new level of collaboration that you can include in your regular Gmail use.

For instance, a consumer utilizing the free Workspace framework may organize a family gathering using its built-in apps and capabilities, while a corporate user could use Workspace to quickly schedule meetings and events.

Additional business-level features, such as larger storage, admin and marketing tools, personalized email domains, and others, are available in the paid Workspace editions.

Is Google Workspace Worth It?

Is Google Workspace still worth the price if it’s essentially G Suite with a beautiful new name and some new features? Yes, we’d have to agree that it’s worth the money, especially in a remote business, and that it works well. 

Workspace offers a variety of options to stay in touch with your team if you don’t have a dedicated area for meetings. Other programs like Slack for messaging and Zoom for meetings might be pieced together, but you’d have to pay extra for each platform.

No matter the size of your business, Google Workspace’s feature combination offers excellent value. Business Starter and Business Standard provide lots of storage and video calling alternatives for small businesses. The good news is that if you’re not quite ready to commit, you can try out Google Workspace for two weeks for free with any of the plans.

Why Provide Google Workspace / G Suite Training to Your Employees

There are many training materials available to learn Google Workspace if you have the time and the will to look for them, but shouldn’t you be working at your regular job instead? Many glitzy online training portals offer thousands of remote DIY “go at your own pace” courses, but who completes these courses? And who do you turn to for help when you need it?


Google Workspace / G Suite training is a convenient and affordable way to learn everything about these productivity and collaboration tools. You get to speak with people. You learn from actual people. 

Any questions will be handled by a knowledgeable trainer to ensure learning consistency. High-quality instruction, delivered by Google experts with helpful manageable sessions, produces the best learning results, right?

If you don’t know who to turn to when it comes to Google Workspace training sessions, call us at LR Training Solutions. Businesses and organizations around the globe trust us for quality courses and training that help them achieve their business goals. Let’s work together to make sure everyone is using Workspace the best way possible. 

Contact us today to sign up or visit our service page to learn more about what other training we offer.