5 Quick Pinterest Tips to Increase Business Engagement and Drive Sales

Pinterest Tips for Businessses

5 Quick Pinterest Tips to Increase Business Engagement and Drive Sales


Though it`s one of the best ways to funnel clients to your business, if you implement it wrongly, your Pinterest marketing efforts will bear no fruit.

To market your business effectively on Pinterest, optimize your profile and create content that catches people`s attention.

That`s how you can convince people to move to your website and purchase what you sell.

Pinterest Tips for Businessses

But how can you optimize your profile and create attention-grabbing content? That requires training, which you can find through LR Training Solutions. Here, you can learn in-depth tricks to make Pinterest your traffic source.

But, for starters, here are eye-opening tips to improve your Pinterest marketing:

Create a Business Pinterest Profile

This is how you can get the most out of Pinterest marketing. A business profile enables you to access your content analytics so you can know

  • Where the traffic comes from
  • What demographics drive more traffic
  • What times your content drives more traffic
  • Which keywords bring more traffic
  • What pin designs bring more traffic

This helps you know when and how to create more attractive pins and the type of audience to target and bring more positive results.

Creating a business Pinterest profile also helps to claim your website, which refers to verifying the ownership of the website linked to your Pinterest account. This unlocks more features such as

  • Getting in-depth pin analytics on your website
  • Accessing rich pins
  • Scheduling pins
  • Allowing your audience to save your content on their pinboards
  • Creating pins right from your website

This resource shows how to create Pinterest for business and here is how you can claim your wesbite. However, if you are not familiar with Pinterest marketing, you will have a hard time fully utilizing it.

If you enroll in LR Training Solutions training, you will get hands-on training and learn fast how to use this platform and boost your marketing efforts.

Create a Content Strategy

You can increase the potential to achieve your Pinterest marketing goals if you align your content with the audience`s intent. That`s possible if you create a content strategy before publishing any content on Pinterest.

That involves settings clear goals, whether it`s spreading brand awareness, collecting subscribers, or making sales.

Then create attractive pins with calls to action that lets people know the specific action you want them to perform.

To make pins attractive, use high-definition photos with bright colors. However, ensure the colors align with your brand.

That is to say, the colors you use on your Pinterest profile should align with the ones you use on your website and every other marketing platform.

Also, include your logo on the pins so they are easy to identify even when they are repined several times.

If your aim is spreading brand awareness or collecting leads, some of the content ideas that can intrigue people to your pins are

  • Tutorials
  • DIY
  • Tips

Here is an example of a tutorial pin by Slashed Beauty:

pinterest content strategy

For commercial content, you can create salable/rich pins and direct people to your products or services so they can make a purchase, like in this pin example by asos:

Pinterest Commercial Content

Without training, Pinterest marketing can be tricky, and getting better results can take too long. Get training from LR Training Solutions and be ready to drive sales to your business. 

Organize Your Pinterest Boards

Navigable pin boards enable people to easily find their preferred pins. If people misunderstand the focus of your Pinterest boards, you will lose pinners even when pins are attractive.

So, if, for instance, your niche is digital marketing, you can categorize your pinboards as

  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

This makes your Pinterest user-friendly, and pinners can easily relate to your pins hence increasing quality traffic.

An increase in traffic increases the chances of repins, which makes content go viral, boosting brand awareness and driving more audience to your business.

Optimize Your Pins for SEO

You can achieve your Pinterest marketing goals only if your pins get traffic, and that`s when people can find them when they search.

To make pins searchable, optimize your Pinterest profile for search engine optimization (SEO).

That involves adding keywords in your profile title. For instance, if you are in the online business coaching niche, ensure to indicate that in your title, like in this picture:

SEO for Pinterest

That makes it easy for people to relate to your profile and convince them to view your content.

Add the keywords in the bio, too, and ensure they relate to your title. When title keywords are irrelevant to the bio, people will misunderstand and avoid your profile.

Therefore, in the case of online business coaching, the same keywords should appear in the bio. 

However, don`t stuff keywords and make your profile sound unnatural. People will mistrust you and take you as one who is only after traffic and not giving value. So, incorporate keywords naturally such as in this bio:

Pinterest Optimization

Photo source: Pamela Wilson

To enable your Pinterest boards to appear on relevant searches, you also need to optimize them for SEO.

Depending on the pin board category, incorporate relevant keywords to enable the Pinterest search engine to understand your pin focus.

If you are a social media marketer, and your pin board is about Facebook marketing, ensure to include the phrase Facebook marketing.

Besides, though they should all be relevant to the board, each pin has its message. You should, therefore, include keywords aligning with each pin.

That will be possible if you know what people type when searching for pins related to yours.

To know that, think of the words people use if searching for pins relevant to yours. So, for pins about TikTok, for example, the keywords can be

  • TikTok marketing tips
  • How to set up a TikTok shop
  • How to do TikTok affiliate marketing

Then put these keywords in keyword research tools and check how many monthly searches they get, what their difficulty is, and how they trend.

Here are some of the tools you can use:

That will help you know the keywords that can give you a chance of driving more traffic when you use them in your pin titles and description.

After getting the result, incorporate the keywords naturally in your pins to make them appear on relevant searches.

Schedule Your Pins

Consistency is the key to success in Pinterest marketing. That means you should regularly publish content.

When you create new content consistently, not only will people rely on you for information, but also the search engines will index your content more and avail it on relevant searches.

However, that`s one of the great challenges in marketing. Any inconvenience can happen and make you miss your posting schedule.

When you have Pinterest for business, you can create content for the whole month or more and schedule it. This enables you to consistently post content even when you are offline.

Pinterest is one of the reliable marketing platforms, but that`s if you know how to use it.

To get advanced Pinterest marketing training and improve your business, book training with LR Training Solutions.


Boost Your Business Income with Pinterest Marketing

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to market your business, Pinterest should be your choice. It can help you increase brand awareness, subscribers, and sales, for free.

Unlike the other social media marketing platforms, where content has a short life span, on Pinterest, content ranks for years. That means if you create content today, it can generate sales for many more years to come.

To facilitate effective Pinterest marketing, you need to create a business profile so you can get many marketing features.

Then have a defined content strategy and align your content with the audience`s intent and your marketing goals.

Later, optimize your pins and pin boards for SEO to enable your content to be searchable and you will drive traffic to your business.

To get more insights on how to effectively use Pinterest’s helpful marketing features, contact LR Training Solution for training. You can opt for in-house or online training and get personalized training to take your business to the next level.