Where to Find the Best Management Training Courses Online

Best Management Training Courses Online

Where to Find the Best Management Training Courses Online

Best Management Training Courses Online

No business can stand without proper management, but being a skilled manager doesn`t happen naturally: you have to learn.

And learning doesn`t stop when you become a manager. You have to keep learning to keep up with the ever-evolving marketing world.

That means, whether you are already a manager or aspiring to be one, learning is necessary. However, not any management training course can help you.

A helpful management course considers the learners` skill level and learning style.

Considering the presence of many courses online, it can be challenging to find a course suiting you. This content compiles places you can find the best courses whether you are a beginner or advanced in your management career.


LR Training Solutions

This is hands down the best platform to enhance your management skills.

The best thing is that it specializes in one area—digital marketing—meaning you will be able to effectively manage your remote teams and get the best results.

You can manage a remote team effectively if you choose the people with the right skills for a particular job.

At LR Training Solutions, you will learn how to find qualified people and build a productive remote team.

Communication is one of the main elements to build or destroy a business. On this platform, you will learn how to involve your remote team in the development of the company and make them feel valued. This will motivate them to be more productive.

Moreover, you will be trained to coach your team on interacting with clients and understanding their pain points. This helps create and deliver products or services that have a high potential to drive sales.

You can interact with your clients better if you know where to find them. At LR Training Solutions, you will be trained on how to find the places where your clients spend their time.

That involves learning how to optimize your online marketing platforms, e.g. websites, social media, and email lists to be intriguing and client-friendly.

What`s nice is that on this platform, you can have both online and in-house training. That means you will get the training straight from the trainer. That`s a more effective way of learning since you can ask questions and get real-time answers.

In many other platforms that offer courses, you can only acquire the courses, but you can`t interact with the course expert.

Besides, there are other resources on the LR Training Solutions platform such as books for marketing and helpful blog posts. You can also subscribe to the email list and receive more informative updates as you learn.

That will build your skill and confidence and help you manage your business much more effectively.

To know LR Training Solutions’ charges for management training courses, get in touch here. There is a different price according to the type of training you want.

Other options you can get management training include

LinkedIn Learning

Linkedin Learning

This is a platform that not only considers quality in courses but also learners` financial abilities. With only $29.99 per month (billed monthly) or $19.99 per month (billed annually), you can access more than 5000 courses.

That means whether you want to learn to manage remote teams or in-person staff, you can find your course here.

Some of the management training courses you can find on LinkedIn Learning include

Start and Manage a Small Business

Not every business starts big. Starting small is the best way to go because it allows learning and tweaking your strategy without incurring losses.

With this course, you will learn all that you need to start your business, including

  • Formulating a business idea
  • Developing a business model and creating a business plan
  • Fulfilling legal requirements and building a legitimate business
  • Managing your business finance
  • Operating your business 

It is a course that helps aspiring managers build a strong management foundation and have a positive impact on their companies.

What`s better, this course takes only 9 hours and 25 minutes, meaning you can learn for less time and utilize more time implementing.

Leading with a Growth Mindset

Challenges fuel success in businesses. That`s because it is through hard times that the brains become more creative.

As a manager, you should encourage your team to stay motivated even when sales go down.

This course trains managers how to overcome challenges with a growth mindset through innovation, compassion, and collaboration.

Among the things you will learn include

  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • Leading thoughtful communication during a crisis
  • Overcoming communication barriers

You will also learn how to coach your remote team to understand each other’s plight and stand difficulties.

This is an appropriate course for managers who want to build a strong team that stays focused despite challenges.

You can learn this course only for 40 minutes and 31 seconds.


Did you know it`s possible to learn and get a certificate from the major universities in the world without any requirements? Yes, through Edx, that`s possible.

Various major institutions offer courses through Edx, equipping people with both beginner and advanced management skill levels.

You can find many management training courses that can strengthen your skills and improve the face of your business.

Here are some of the courses you can find on this platform:

MicroMasters® Program in Business Leadership

This is an 11-month course from The University of Queensland in Australia. It is targeted at equipping managers with decision-making skills to run modern organizations.

In this course, you will learn

  • How to interact with people and create collaborative and productive in-house and remote teams
  • How to handle broad social and political issues in your organization
  • How to understand different management weaknesses and strengths and get ideas on how to be a successful manager
  • How to develop and conduct effective business initiatives

The best thing is it`s a self-paced course that takes only 8–10 hours per week, which offers flexibility to handle other activities as you learn.

This course costs $1,347.30.

Agile Leadership Principles and Practices

If you want to improve your remote team`s motivation, problem-solving, and productivity, this is the course for you.

Offered by The University of Maryland, this course enables managers to avoid the old-leadership styles of command and embrace considering and understanding the whole team`s ideas.

You will learn how to facilitate communications, motivate, and negotiate conflicts across organizations, teams, and employees.

Moreover, through this course, you will learn how to boost your mindfulness and emotional intelligence to help you handle people of different emotional quotients.

You can buy this course for $199.

Build a Successful Business with Management Training Courses

In business, learning is an unending process. This enables identifying new tactics for executing management duties and building a successful business.

With the existence of online courses, it`s easy to acquire your desired training. However, the big challenge is getting the best platforms offering quality courses.

For you, now that you have landed in this place, don`t search anymore. LR Training Solution will help you learn how to start and grow a successful business. With this platform, you will be able to manage your remote teams, increase brand awareness, and attract clients.

In case you need options, you can go for LinkedIn Learning or Edx; however, you won`t get personal training as you would with LR Training Solutions.