Black owned leadership development company

LR Training Solutions offers training programs for corporations and organizations. We offer the latest strategies in team collaboration tools, remote and hybrid team management, marketing techniques, Google Analytics 4, and much more. 

We have presented programs to teams from companies and organizations in Canada, Serbia, and around the USA. 

In 2022, LR Training Solutions was awarded a contract from the Government of Canada to provide hundreds of training sessions to employees in different departments. Our company provides French and English-speaking trainers along with moderators to fulfill this contract. Some of our other clients include Lamar Advertising, Tractor Supply, and many other global brands. 

Having a good idea of what your organization should do for growth is fundamental. We always share a wealth of actionable ideas that managers and executives can immediately implement to make a positive difference in their business team’s success. 

From the moment a seminar begins, we captivate our audience through our high-energy delivery style and wealth of innovative ideas. After working with numerous organizations across several different industries, we understand which training methods get results. 

Bring LR Training to your organization. We take the time to work with your team to craft a custom solution that puts your company in a better position to succeed. 

We will increase awareness of the many untapped opportunities available to you and your team. We can help you identify and improve your pain points and the areas that stall growth. After all, your success is our goal.