About LR Training Solutions

LR Training Solutions offers training for corporations and organizations that need assistance on the newest strategies and tools in marketing and advertising.

We always share a wealth of actionable ideas that managers can use right away to make a positive difference in their marketing and business team’s success. Having a good idea of what your organization should do online is very important. Tracking analytics through Google is one of the topics that help teams understand their traffic. From the moment the presentation or training begins, employees are captivated by the high-energy delivery style and the richness of ideas. Bring LR Training to your organization. We will increase awareness of the many untapped opportunities available to you on the Internet and give you the insights you need to take full advantage.  LR Training Solutions is a black-owned corporate training company based in Houston, Texas.

International+ National> Past Programs done in: Montreal,  Alaska, Los Angeles,  Boston and many other locations.  Training has been provided to a variety of industries!

Most Popular Programs

Digital Marketing

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LinkedIn Strategies for Success

What is SEO?

Content Marketing for better engagement

Google Analytics

Remote Teams Training

OneNote Office 360 Training

Time Management

Strategic Marketing

Customized for training, seminars, and presentation.  Half day, full day, two-day programs or longer.