Office 360 Training

Sharepoint & Office 360 Training

Get your organization up to date on the latest tools for collaboration. Microsoft Office 360 and Google provide many useful tools such as teams and Apps. Learn how to use them correctly to get the most results.

Office 360 Sharepoint 

One Note
A collaborative tool allowing for multiple users to work on the same document at once.

Outlook Time Saving Tips
Learn the many ways you can save time in outlook. This section goes over shortcuts about
calendar use, email messaging, creating tasks, and much more.

Tool used to store documents and files from team members. Learn how to get notified of
changes and updates without constantly spending time logging into the system.

Doc Sharing
Collaborate on the same document with your team instead of emailing revisions back and forth.
Work on documents online or offline without worrying about if you have the most up to date

Skype for Business
Utilize many team features in this video too for organizations. There are many features along with video conferencing that can be used. This also integrates with other office tools that we will mention.

SharePoint Training
This tool is a shared site for organizations. Learn how to create an environment online that can
enable team members to stay up to date on projects within the organization.

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