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Outlook Time-Saving Tips

Learn the many ways you can save time in Outlook. This section goes over shortcuts on calendar use, email messaging, creating tasks, and much more.

As a business person, you are most of the time busy. You, therefore, need ways to utilize your time for the productivity of your business. Following the obvious processes when using Outlook, may be time-consuming.

That`s why, at Microsoft 360 SharePoint training, we came up with Outlook time-saving tips that will help you use this tool in the little amount of time possible.

Here are some of the tips you will learn:

Outlook Calendar Shortcut

To set a calendar on Outlook, you need to open the Outlook web, select calendar, and then create a new calendar. Then, you are required to name it, customize it with color and add it to calendar groups, and last save it.

We shall teach you how to perform the whole of this process by using your keyboard shortcuts.

To close a window or a menu, for example, you can just press escape (Esc); to create a new message, you can press Ctrl+Shift+M, and navigating to the home tab, you simply press Alt+H.

Microsoft 360 training teaches many more of these skills. Join us and we shall teach you how to use outlook to scale your business.

How to Organise Emails into Folders

As a business person, you spend much time on your email, reading clients’ and colleagues` messages. It is easy to have your email address filled with emails.

When emails are mixed up, it gets difficult to find a particular one in the future since it might have been hidden at the bottom. Outlook can help you organize your emails according to their importance to enhance easy access.

Better organization of emails can also make deleting easy since you will be able to easily see the less important ones.

However, no matter how you organize your email, you will still be required to navigate from one folder to the other, which might waste your time.

Microsoft 360 training in Houston is a course that can teach you faster ways of moving through different folders in outlook and easily handle your email activities.

By using your keyboard, you can navigate through different folders on the tool, for instance, if you press Ctrl+Shift+D, you can delete or ignore a message. To create a new email, you need to press Ctrl+N.

Reach out to us and we shall teach you faster tips to save time and allow you to concentrate on other important business issues.

How to Use Email Templates

Sometimes you may be required to give a single response message to a couple of people. Instead of composing the same email over and over again, Outlook helps you to create a template and store it on the tool so you can use it later when you need it.

However, this also requires navigating through the tool and following some steps, which can take you five or more minutes. At Microsoft 360 training, we shall teach you how to save this time.

You will learn quick ways of creating and saving email templates no matter whether you are or are not technically oriented.

How to Set Mailbox-Rules

Outlook supports setting commands that automatically control actions running on incoming or outgoing messages. These are called mailbox rules.

These rules allow you to create a specific folder for your particular clients and command all your messages to that storage.

In addition, you can set rules to delete messages that you don`t want, for example, promotional and spam messages.

These rules are beneficial in that the system will organize for you where the messages should go, and those which you don`t want will be automatically deleted, which saves you time to go on with other chores.

There is a process to creating these rules, not a difficult one, anyway, but it takes time. Our outlook-time-saving training will take you through a quick process that takes only a few keyboard shortcuts.

We created the Microsoft 360 SharePoint training in Houston to help businesses utilize this tool effectively and grow their business.

Join us and your outlook tool will be your weapon to help you use your time much better.

How to Schedule Messages for Future Delivery

This is a feature that allows you to work ahead of time. For example, if you have a message that you want to send to a client the next day, you can write it early and schedule it for the deserved time to be sent.

This can help you avoid unpunctuality which may cause inconveniences to your clients when you forget or send a message late.

Message scheduling is a crucial process for every business person to know since every organization depends on emails for communication.

We shall teach you fast shortcuts to perform this process, and you will not need to move through the time-wasting, stressful process.

Through Microsoft 360 SharePoint training, we have helped many businesses succeed through better utilization of this tool.

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