Get your organization up to date on the latest tools for collaboration. Many organizations use them but not to their full extent.  Google Business provides many useful tools such as Docs, Drive,  Hangouts, and Apps. Learn how to use them correctly to get the best results.


This is a tool used to store documents and files from team members. Learn how to get notified about changes and updates without constantly spending time logging into the system. This saves time for all the team members involved. Email can be time-consuming. Let technology help your organization!

Doc Sharing

Collaborate on the same document with your team instead of emailing revisions back and forth. Work on documents online or offline without worrying whether you have the most up-to-date version.


Easy to use conference feature that can create more remote engagement with your team.  Within this tool, team members can share sites,  documents, and mote that contain project information.


Other topics included: Email, Sheets, Calendar, Chat


Google G-Suite Training in Houston or at your location.

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