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LR Training Solutions offers onsite training for teams at corporations and organizations. There are many different topics and programs that are available, depending on your team’s needs. Providing training can help your team with long-term growth. This is important whether your team is virtual or in person!


Current Programs

Managing Remote & Hybrid Teams                                          (90 Minutes-1 Day)

Using Google Analytics Effectively                                           (1-2 Days)

Using Social Media Strategically                                              (1 Day)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?                          (1 Day)

AdWords (Advertising that Produces Clicks)                         (1 Day)

Digital Marketing Strategies for Success                                (Half Day)

New Manager Strategies                                                           (1 Hour-1 Day)


Based in Houston, we provide these programs in person at your location, or virtually through the best online video platforms.


Contact us if you need customized programs on relevant topics for you and your team.

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