In-House / Virtual

In-House & Virtual Training

LR Training Solutions offers on-site training for teams at corporations and organizations. We offer a variety of programs and topics according to your needs. Attending our training programs can help your team achieve long-term growth, which is vital whether you have a remote or on-site team.

We understand that more businesses have remote team members, and we have crafted our seminars to benefit remote and in-person teams.

We’ll talk to your group to understand all the key challenges that currently prevent growth. We then create programs that provide new ideas and solutions to move your team forward.

Our Current Programs Include:

Use Google Analytics 4 Effectively 

(Half Day – 2 Days)

Using Social Media Strategically  

(1 day)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   

(1 day)

Adwords (Advertising that Produces Clicks)  

(1 day)

Digital Marketing Strategies for Success 

(Half Day)

Managing Remote Teams   

(90min-1 Day)

New Manager Strategies  

(1hr-1 Day )

Microsoft 360 or Google Suite 

(1hr-1 Day)

Based in Houston, we provide in-person seminars at your location or virtually through the best online video platforms. We offer our online sessions through your choice of virtual meeting platform: Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc.      

Our trainers, moderators, and specialists on the team implement services that will change your business for the better!

Thinking that more than one of these topics will benefit your team? No problem! We can provide a series of multiple seminar topics to make sure your team gains the knowledge they need to help your business succeed. 

Our mission is to provide your team with the tools for success. Once your team has a better understanding of the strategies and tools at their disposal, the growth opportunities for your business are limitless. 

Contact us today for custom solutions for your team and business.