SEO Consulting and Training Services

We offer SEO services for businesses as well as enterprise search engine optimization training for organizations trying teach their team how to grow in this area.


Search engine optimization is a crucial part of any business’s online marketing strategy. This is how you show up in Google search results and gain organic traffic and customers. 

We offer enterprise SEO services and take time to really understand your business and what our clients’ business goals are. 

We can help you understand how your customers are using the internet and help you utilize tools to improve your rankings and revenue. 

Regular SEO topics include:

Content Strategy

Content is an important part of standing out on Google and other search engines. We make sure to work with your marketing or business team in order to find out what content will work best for your industry and business. Blogs, links, articles, and web presence all make a difference.

Tactics that we avoid:


Cloaking is a tactic whereby webpage content displayed to human users is different from that presented to the search engines.

An example is presenting HTML to search engines and displaying text or images to human users.

Inserting a bunch of keywords on a page and making them the same colors as the background is also a type of cloaking.

Cloaking is done to help content rank even for irrelevant keywords. This is an SEO method that can mislead users to click on websites where they don’t get the content they want.

Using this trick lowers users’ trust in your business, and when the search engines realize it, you’ll be penalized.

Keyword Stuffing

This refers to too much repetition of keywords in website content and meta tags.

People use this method to manipulate search engines to rank their content on their prioritized keywords.

Content that’s stuffed with keywords sounds unnatural and bores readers. It can lead to people ignoring your website, and your traffic and conversions will reduce.

Using black hat SEO methods like this devalues your marketing efforts. You will get much better profits if you use white hat practices.

People love realistic marketers, and LR Training Solutions can help you become one. They can even train you how to be an SEO expert.

Grow your business online with an experienced, reliable company and achieve the best results.

Contact us for custom SEO training or consultation for your corporate team. We are based in Houston, Texas, and our clients are in different industries and cities worldwide.

When it comes to enterprise SEO training, we can focus on intranet and installing tools that help you keep track of how employees use your own website as well.


LR Training Solutions offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training tailored for individuals seeking to acquire new skills and leverage them effectively in various professional settings. Whether you’re a leader, manager, executive, employee, or professional, our training program is designed to assist you. We cater to individuals in Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and more. We also travel to locations in the USA and to different countries.

If you’re interested, feel free to get in touch with us today or explore our session topics to find the one that best aligns with your specific training requirements.