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We have worked with some of our clients on advertising services such Pay Per Click and Online Ads. Work with us to reach new audiences through targeting keywords! Google pay per click is a great way to reach people who actually need your products and services. Some steps we implement in order to make sure our clients succeed!  We are based in Houston. Texas. If needed we also provide AdWords training

Set Match Types

This feature helps to match your ad keywords with the exact audience`s search queries. You can also use it to let your ads be shown to people who make search queries closely related to your keywords.

The match types to choose from include:

Broad Match

This setting uses your keyword phrase words in any order. For example, if your keyword is “Google AdWords advertising training experts in Houston”, it will match, “Google AdWords training, Houston Google AdWords experts, AdWords training seminar, etc”.

Modified Broad Match

Modified broad match refers to marking particular words in your keyword phrase as mandatory to target in the search engines.

So, in the keyword “digital marketing trainer,” you can mark the word marketing. This will make it appear in searches like, “marketing, marketing trainer,” and any query that contains the word “marketing”.

Phrase Match

This will display your keyword phrase exactly in the order you put it, but it can include some more words after or before it. For example, when the keyword is “online marketing training,” it can be displayed on searches like “online marketing training experts or best online marketing training in Houston”.

Exact Match

In an exact match, the keyword is displayed in the exact order. So, if your keyword is “the best dog trainers in Texas,” it will be displayed in the exact order in the search results.

Knowing your buyers` persona determines the match type you should use.

When starting in online advertising, it`s easy to make mistakes in this section. Joining Our AdWords training seminar will help you know the match type that will fit you per your business level.

Create a Catchy Headline and Description

We create clear headlines and descriptions that match the audience`s intent. We are brief and create a convincing description that solves their pain points. As a PPC management company we strive to create headlines and ads that drive results.

Contact us today to get started on your marketing and advertising campaign. We offer  Google pay per click ads services in Houston, Texas, and across the country.  PPC has been known to generate immediate results for companies.

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