G-Suite Google Apps Workspace Training

We offer Google Workspace, Google Apps, Google Docs, and G-Suite training. We offer this g suite training in person or in a virtual environment. Contact here to set up a session

G-Suite Google Workspace  is an excellent tool for helping your team connect and stay on task. Through email organization, meeting and calendar management and integrations, and more, G-Suite can provide a collaborative and productive work environment.  We offer in-person or virtual Google Suite /Workspace training. This training includes activities that help people understand the tools. 

With so many tools for team collaboration, we often don’t even scratch the surface of what these tools can offer. In our G-Suite Training, we’ll walk you through all of these apps’ unique features, along with assistance tailored to your team’s needs. 

See our G-Suite seminar topics below:


  • Organizing inbox
  • Filtering emails
  • Folders
  • Utilizing Search Feature
  • Labels
  • Un-sending emails
  • Video Calls
  • Email Signatures
  • Creating tasks
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Scheduling Emails
  • Blocking/Unsubscribing
  • Email Templates
  • Attaching files from drive
  • Quick Tips

Google Chat:

  • Creating chat
  • Using with Gmail
  • productivity tips
  • Setting status
  • Smart Reply

Google Calendar:

  • Add Appointment Slots
  • Add events from Gmail
  • Managing Time Zones
  • Getting daily agendas
  • Adding tasks
  • Out of office
  • Calendar share
  • Delegating access
  • Filter responses
  • Adding Video and location links to events
  • Add and customize Calendars

Google Drive:

  • Sending files
  • Access files online
  • See changes in files and folders
  • Change to previous version of files
  • Working with Microsoft Office Files
  • Manage Google Drive Mobile App
  • Email Collaborators
  • Giving and removing sharing access
  • Using Search feature
  • Manage files
  • Organizing files
  • Accessing shared documents
  • Tagging others
  • Assigning action items in documents,
  • How to share
  • Productivity tips

Google Meet:

  • Using the tool for meetings
  • Start meetings
  • Adding people to the meeting
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Pin and mute attendees
  • Captions feature
  • Using the phone as the audio
  • Raising hands
  • Recording Meetings
  • Change audio and video quality
  • Using whiteboard
  • Sharing screen
  • Chat feature

Google Spaces:

  • Start a space
  • how to use spaces
  • Turn a chat into a space
  • Delete spaces
  • Share Files
  • Assign Tasks

Google Docs, Google Sheets. Google Slides, Google Forms

  • Tagging, comments, and track changes
  • Creating surveys
  • Viewing data from surveys
  • Using templates
  • Finalize documents
  • Share and collaborate
  • Print and download
  • See version history and changes
  • Add diagrams and images
  • Creating Outlines
  • Make files accessible offline
  • Publish files to the web
  • Citations
  • Voice Typing
  • Using Docs during training programs


G suite training – Google Sites

  • Managing sites
  • Creating sites
  • Adding banners to your site
  • Create a project site
  • Create a team site
  • Edit sections to your site
  • Add content from other sites
  • Collaborate on sites
  • Publish and unpublish sites
  • Search Sites
  • Get site analytics
  • google apps training for business

Google Groups & Google Contacts

  • Creating groups
  • Collaborating in groups
  • Choose group visibility
  • Choose who can post and join
  • Auto replies
  • Deleting groups
  • Favorite Groups
  • Managing contacts

Google Profile

  • Profile picture updates
  • Managing settings
  • Security features
  • Separating work from personal

Contact us about custom training on Google apps and Google Suite! 

Additional Information on Docs before your Google Workspace training:

Doc Sharing in Google Workspace

Collaborate on the same document with your team instead of emailing revisions back and forth. Work on documents online or offline without worrying about whether you have the most up-to-date version.

Documents are important components of any company. They help create critical files that govern the activities of an organization, prepare articles for a company’s websites, prepare tenders, etc.

Therefore, you need a flexible tool that will enable you to find your documents on various applications so that you can avoid jumping between tools to access documents and save time.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint training introduces to you reliable Google documents sharing platform training that gives you every possible document creation feature to impact the growth of your business.

Here are the features to enjoy on Google Docs:

Microsoft Word Compatibility

Microsoft word, the most popular word-processing software, is a great tool. The only drawback is that it doesn’t allow you to synchronize your files so that you can find them through other devices.

Docs allows you to create and access your documents on any device, both offline and online.

The good thing is that Microsoft office word and Docs are compatible. This enables you to open files stored in your Docs through Microsoft Word, work on them, and save them back to Docs. This means you can download documents into word or upload them into Docs without risking formatting changes.

The Microsoft 360 SharePoint training works with small and large businesses all over the world, impacting them with skills on how to use digital tools effectively.

Register for a Docs training course with us, and your document creation problems will be over.

Easy Sharing of Documents

Successful businesses are built through sharing and implementation of ideas. The efficiency of the tool you use in your organization’s team collaboration will determine your success or failure.

When you use emails and are required to send a document, you will be forced to send multiple messages of one document to all your team members.

However, with Docs, you can avoid the confusion of dealing with multiple versions of the same document sent through emails.

Docs has features that enable you and your team to work on the same document without creating multiple documents. Instead, you just have to create one document on the tool, so every member will see it and work on it when necessary.

It even shows the history of who has worked with which documents and when they worked on it so that you can track all the activities and offer more suggestions on improvements.

You can control who makes changes and chat with them using their emails directly inside the documents, and they’ll get notifications.

You can also undo edits and accept or reject comments, and the whole process is automatically saved.

To learn how to do all this and more, join our Microsoft 360 SharePoint training. We will show you how we have helped other businesses succeed through this tool.

It Is Accessible through Various Programs and Devices

You may have to work with multiple tools according to your business needs. Therefore, you have to choose tools that integrate with each other so that you can sync your data and find it throughout all your applications.

Google Docs is accessible through a variety of tools. You can synchronize and find your Docs data when you use:

  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • Outlook

We can help you get the best out of this tool. Knowing the best use of this tool will enhance your business, and Microsoft 360 training can facilitate that.

Get in touch today and learn the skills you deserve.

It Guarantees Data Security

Data security is an organization’s priority. It is the factor that builds a business’ confidence in its activities. However, if your data is unsafe, it’s hard to persuade clients that you can safeguard agreements with them.

However, when you create files with Docs, they are stored in high-class data security centers, which no hacking expert can reach. Google Docs also uses data encryption on transmitted or at-rest data so only authorized sources can access it.

The inbuilt security feature in Google accounts helps detect and block phishing, malware, and spam threats to the data stored in your Docs.

Only you have the mandate as to which file should be shared and whether viewers can view or edit your content.

To learn all about this tool, join our Microsoft 360 training. We have a dedicated training staff who can handle your courses according to your time.

We understand the busy schedules of our business clients, and that’s why we give you the opportunity to organize your training schedule.

You Can Conduct Video Meetings with G-Suite Google Apps

Conducting business meetings is expensive, but it’s fundamental as well. You have to travel and rent conference rooms, which is costly. By using Google Docs, you can conduct online meetings and cut all those costs.

Even with the free Docs plan, you can conduct a 60 minutes meeting with 100 people. This can allow you to meet prospects and pitch your business without much overhead.

However, you can gain the most benefit from these tools with more expertise. Microsoft 360 training is the perfect course for you.

Contact us, and we will teach you how to use these tools to strengthen the efficiency of your business activities while you save your money for other productive tasks. We offer G-Suite & Google Apps training for small or large teams. 

Sometimes new employees come from other businesses that use other collaboration tools. This can be a problem when they adapt to a new environment. Training on all the features can get them up to speed on how to use the apps how you want them to! 

It also offers a non-cost subscription for non-commercial users, meaning small business owners can use it for free. That’s why, to get the best out of it, it’s vital for everyone who uses it to learn about its features.

Here is what you will benefit from our training:

Gmail Training

Whether you use your Gmail account for business or non-commercial tasks, having detailed knowledge of how to use it can save you time.

The Google suite training program will help you organize your inbox, filter, schedule your emails, and many more features.

Let’s go over the features the Google suite training program will teach you:

Organizing Your Inbox

You will face many inconveniences if you don’t know how to organize your inbox. Our training will help you learn how to schedule and send your messages on time. You also will avoid the hassle of searching for messages hidden in the bulk of inbox emails.

Prioritize More Relevant Emails

It’s hard to read every email in your inbox. However, you can put the more relevant emails at the top and save time instead of scrolling.

Here are the Gmail setting terms and their meanings used to prioritize emails:


This option displays the emails in a timely order, showing the recently sent emails first.

Important Fast

This option lets Gmail place important emails at the top of your inbox with a yellow marker.

Gmail decides the importance of an email depending on who you email and how often you email them.

Unread First

If you use the unread as a to-do list, this option can show you the unread emails above the recently sent ones.

Starred First

This refers to emails that you star (mark) as important. They appear above all other emails to remind you to read them later.

Priority Inbox

Priority inbox automatically categorizes your emails. It splits emails according to the important, starred, unread, etc.

When you join Google suite training, you will learn all these settings so that you can prioritize what’s important.

We will also teach you how to use the reading pane. This option enables you to split your inbox and perform multiple actions. It allows you to read a message on one side while scrolling through the others on the other side. There is also an option to set your inbox in one section.

The reading pane includes three options:

No Split

This default Gmail feature allows you to read your emails in one section. Here, you can perform one action at a time. For example, it will enable you only to scroll or read, but you can’t do both activities at once.

Right of Inbox

This feature enables the splitting of an inbox into two vertical sections. When you select your email on the right-hand side, it opens on the left. This helps you to read while scrolling through other emails.

Below Inbox

This is a splitting feature that splits the inbox into two horizontal sections. When you select an email, it opens from below the inbox so you can search for other emails as you read.

Considering the benefits of this tool, it’s worth providing Google suite training for your team. Google Apps training in Houston is the program to rely on. Join us, and we’ll give you all the knowledge you need.

Filtering Emails

Gmail has several ways you can create filters to save time for searching. Emails can be filtered by sender, recipient, subject, content, date, size, and so on.

Using the filtering feature, you can also label, set priority, delete, mark as read, or decide which emails should reach your inbox.

We offer both online and in-house Google suite training that boosts business productivity. Your success is our motivation. Join us today.


This feature stores important emails in one place where you can easily find them. In a program like Microsoft’s email account, labels are called folders.

The good thing about Gmail is that it allows you to add several labels to an email. This helps you to easily find it later when you need it. Then, when you want to read them, you can search by the email address or just click on the labels.

This is a quick way to remind yourself of important emails. Google apps training in Houston is your way to become a Google suite professional.

Join our training, and the bulky emails in your inbox will no longer worry you.

Utilizing Search Feature

This is another feature that speeds up your search process. It allows you to specifically locate the email you want.

To enable this, type the terms relevant to the email you are looking for and search. The emails related to your term will be displayed.

So, even when you can’t remember the full email address or message, Gmail will still hasten your search.

Un-sending Emails

The default Gmail un-send option gives you 5 seconds to decide whether to send or un-send (cancel) an email. 

The “undo send” option in the Gmail settings enables you to increase the un-sending time up to 30 seconds. This allows you to avoid any inappropriate sending of emails.

Video Calls

When you use Gmail, you won’t have to change to another program if you want to conduct a meeting.

It allows you to access the Google Meet application, which enables conducting video meetings. You can create a free 60-minute meeting and invite up to 100 participants.

Our Google Meet training in Houston is dedicated to influencing the success of businesses through Google Apps skills.

As technology advances, don’t get left behind. Join our training and stay ahead of time.

Email Signatures

Your email signature is a crucial component of your marketing strategy. It’s an effective way to promote your brand since it provides necessary information about the person behind the emails.

In the Gmail settings, an option allows you to create your signature text and format it. You can also add an image, and if you want, you can change your signature even while composing emails.

Our Google Apps training can help you take advantage of these skills. We are a reliable digital marketing training agency that has helped many businesses worldwide.

We are committed to creating a thriving business world. Contact us, and we’ll arrange a session that fits your schedule.

Creating Tasks

This feature helps users to create a list of the things they prioritize doing. Tasks is one of the easiest Gmail features to use.

On the right side of Gmail’s main page, there are three icons representing calendar, keep, and tasks.

You can set tasks by clicking on the tasks icon and dragging and dropping the email you want to save as your task.

Gmail tasks will remind you of your to-do list so you don’t miss important issues.

Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s time-consuming to navigate through Gmail. That’s why it’s helpful to learn faster ways of using it.

Keyboard shortcuts will let you navigate it faster and perform actions like formatting text and archiving and deleting messages.

Our Google apps training program was created to reveal this knowledge to marketers to make their marketing efforts fruitful.

Contact us, and we will organize training sessions for you online or in person.

Scheduling Emails

Sending emails at a suitable time helps you to avoid inconveniences. Your messages can reach your clients quickly and avoid getting lost in the mailbox and ignored.

If you schedule your emails, you can ensure they reach your recipient promptly.

Gmail also enables you to schedule your emails according to your recipient’s time zone.

Our Google apps training in Houston will give you a step-by-step process that will help you handle Gmail like a professional. So join us for a world-class training.


Irrelevant emails are annoying. Some people even send scammy and threatening messages. But there is a way to avoid these emails.

To help you, Gmail provides a blocking and unsubscribing option. Unsubscribing lets you remove your email from the sender’s email list and stop getting the emails. Blocking keeps scammers out of your primary inbox. 

Email Templates

It is great for companies to use email templates to find clients or give vital information to clients.

Instead of rewriting or copy-pasting, which consumes much time, Gmail provides a feature to enter your email templates. This allows you to send templates fast and avoid making mistakes when rewriting.

Attaching Files from the Drive

This feature enables you to attach documents from Google Drive, such as videos, photos, and text documents, when composing emails.

It’s a nice collaborative feature if you want to work on the same document with your team. It also helps when the file size you’re sending is bigger than the Gmail file size limit.

Quick Tips Before the G-Suite Training

Email management is a critical element of business because it’s the primary medium through which you communicate with clients. It can determine the success of a business. Therefore it’s worth being skilled in using it.

Here are quick tips our training recommends considering to improve your email productivity:

Utilize Gmail search

This will help you find your email efficiently, even when you can’t remember the sender’s email address or name. All you need is to type a few letters and the results will be displayed.

Use labels to organize your emails

Apart from being a way to categorize your emails, it makes your email look attractive since you can even color your labels. This makes it easy to scan through and find your emails.

Use Google hangouts

This is a feature that allows you to chat with your Gmail contacts. Google Hangouts is an excellent way to understand clients and ask them for feedback about your business so you can make valuable improvements. 

Access Gmail through Outlook and Yahoo

If you are on other programs like Outlook and Yahoo, you can access your Gmail account from there. This saves the time of moving from other apps to access your emails.

Clean Your Gmail

You should always delete less important emails to reduce congestion in your inbox. It’s also better to block messages that you suspect to be scammers.

A clean mailbox makes it easy to recognize important messages. Our Google apps training in Houston will teach you shortcuts to speed up this process and save you time.

You will learn these and more when you join the Google apps training program in Houston. Our main aim is to have you succeed. Contact us for both online and offline sessions.


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