Google Chat Training

This is a secure communication application providing a conducive communication environment for businesses and non-commercial users.
It enables businesses to collaborate through texts and chat rooms, deliver presentations, share documents, and establish web conferences.
Google chat is an effective way to manage communications. It integrates well with Gmail, and Google calendar and can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
It is also compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux devices so you can access your data no matter the operating system you use.
Google apps training in Houston is a program designed to help you learn how to use this tool to grow your business.

Google Chat Features

Google chat enables you to message one person, and it also enables holding conversations with more than 100 people.
It indicates when your recipient has or hasn`t read your messages so you don`t have to ask about that.
It even shows when someone is typing; therefore, offering real-time communication.
You can use Google chat whether you use mobile data or WIFI so you don`t have to worry about how you access the internet.
When you work in a team, you can share and edit high-resolution photos and text files. Changes in edited documents are synchronized preventing the confusion of the production of many different versions of one document.
It is a secured tool with the ability to detect and block spam, phishing, and malware threats. Data in Google chat is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) when at rest or in movement. This makes anybody trying to hack your messages see unreadable text.
Here is what Google apps training will teach you about Google chat:

Creating Google Chat

To start with Google chat, you need to have a Gmail account. If you don`t have a Gmail account, you can create one by going to the Google account creation page and following the steps.
Then, you will be able to access it by signing in with your Gmail account.
You can install a mobile or PC standalone app, which is a Progressive Web Application providing a fast computer and mobile web experience. When you install it on your device, it becomes easy to access your data even offline.
The Google suite training in Houston program experts will show you how to install it and utilize it in your business.
You can join our online or online programs and we shall organize the sessions fitting you.

Using Google Chat with Gmail

Email is one of the most business reliable ways of communication. It`s where many businessmen spend their time talking to their teams and clients.
Instead of navigating from one tool to the other to access data or reply to emails, you can add Google chat to your inbox and access it right from there.
Gmail offers flexible options where you can choose to access iGoogle chat. You can also turn it off and use one app at a time.
To integrate these apps, sign in to your Gmail and open all settings. At the top, you will see chat and meet. There is a turn-on and turn-off options. Select turn on to enable using Google chat on Gmail, or off to disable it.
You can even position the Google chat panel position as you want. You can position it on the right of the inbox or the left according to where you need more space. This is helpful when you are multitasking.
When you customize notifications, you will get message alerts of your threads. However, you can choose to put notifications off as well so you can concentrate.
These and many more others are benefits you will get when you join the Google apps training in Houston.
Many businesses around the United States and different parts of the world already benefit from this training.
We offer training to both beginners and intermediate users and take them to an advanced level. Today`s businesses work around digital advancements, and this is your opportunity to succeed. Get in touch and register for your training session.

Google Chat Productivity Tips

Google chat is an easy and productive app, but if you are new to it, it`s impossible to know all the features that can help your business.
To help you achieve your goals, here are useful tips Google suite training outlines:

Start a Group Chat

Google chat offers options to chat with multiple people in real-time. You can start group conversations or spaces. These options differ in some ways. Here are the differences:
With spaces, you can share long-time projects and collaborate with your team in specific groups, while group conversations allow direct messaging with two or more people.
You can choose a name and description for a space you create, but the group chat option lists the names of the members and has no descriptions.
Members in group conversations get notified for every group message, but in spaces, members get notified only when @mentioned or in conversations they participate.
Spaces allow the creation and assigning of tasks to other space members, but there aren`t assigning features in group conversations.
Group chat is an awesome feature for long-time business projects or short-time conversations. Not only does it help in collaborating with your team, but it also makes it easy to pitch your business to prospects.
If you want to learn these skills faster, Google suite training is the program to join. You will be trained by trusted experts who have helped both established and start-up businesses.

Utilize the Google Chat Notification

This option allows you to get alerts on messages you are involved in. If you are in an important conversation in your space, you can get notified whenever somebody responds to your message or @mentions you.
If you don`t want notifications, you can put them off. There are more specified options whereby you can turn your notifications on or off by device, space, thread, or conversation.
For messages that you haven`t read for 12 hours, you can set an email reminder to remind you to read them.
Besides that, Google suite training in Houston will train you to set different notification settings if you have multiple Google accounts. This will enable you to get notified of important conversations no matter the Gmail account you use.

Learn Google Chat Shortcuts

Navigating through the Google chat app is time-consuming. If you know quick ways to do it, you can save time for other productive tasks in your business.
There are keyboard shortcuts that can help you speed up the process. For example, if you want to open a space menu, press Ctrl+G. To reply to the current conversations, press r, and to go to the last message or conversation, press Ctrl+J. Pressing Ctrl+S begins a new thread or message.
There are many other shortcuts taught in the Google suite training in Houston. Our mission is to have a world of successful businesses. Join us and we`ll help you succeed.

Pin Conversations

This feature helps in prioritizing important conversations. It enables you to place specific conversations at the top of all other messages so you can easily find them later.
To create a pin conversation, select the person`s name you want to pin in the chat list and click on the three dots next to it and choose pin.
Unread pinned conversations appear with red dots so you can easily recognize them.

Auto-Delete Old Chats

Deleting messages is a way to save storage space. Some messages are not worth storing.
You can set auto-delete by turning off chat history for selected conversations and messages and they will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Setting status

Google chat status determines whether you are active in chat groups or not. You can mute or completely turn off notifications and continue with other tasks uninterrupted.
Muting notifications set you temporarily off and people see how long you paused notifications saw they won`t expect instant replies.
To mute notifications, select the status icon at the top of the Google chat main page and click on the down arrow, and then select mute notifications. You can turn off notifications through the Google chat settings.
There is an option to add a custom status for your group members to see, and you can delete it whenever you want. This can be a way to give important updates to team members in your business space.
Google apps training experts will give you detailed sessions on how to use this tool to influence your business growth. Whether online or offline, we can organize a suitable session for you. Join us and skyrocket your business.

Use Google Smart Features

This is another time-saving feature. It gives compose and reply suggestions of the messages you write or receive so you can just select and send instead of typing.
To enable smart reply, go to the settings and click on the Google chat smart reply on web and desktop option to enable and disable it.


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