LR Training Solutions Creating Custom Program for Canadian Government Executives

HOUSTON, TX – March 8, 2021 – LR Training Solutions has been awarded a contract by the Canadian Government to provide custom programs for their executives.

LR Training Solutions, founded by author, speaker, and marketing executive Chris N. Cheetham-West, offers training solutions for corporations and organizations with strategies in team collaboration, marketing techniques, and more. The company has previously provided solutions to companies in Canada as well as across the United States.

“We always share a wealth of actionable ideas that managers and executives can use right away to make a positive difference in their business team’s success. Having a good idea of what your organization should do online is essential,” West said. “We increase the awareness of untapped opportunities available to companies and provide insights on how to take full advantage of those opportunities.”

LR Training Solutions offers solutions and training on various topics, including remote team management, strategic marketing, social media strategy, SEO, content marketing, and online advertising.

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